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DiGrazia Vineyards

Family Owned and Operated

Photo Gallery

Our Vineyards Our Vineyards Brookfield Our Brookfield Vineyard where our Elvira grows 191987094 Brookfield Vineyard For the 2013 Elvira Harvest, we had guests pick the grapes in exchange for wine. 192096074 Amenia New York Our main vineyard is in the town of Amenia New York. We grow St. Croix, Leon Milot, , Frontenac, Seyval Blanc, and Vidal Blanc here. 192096075 Doc Dr. DiGrazia in the Amenia Vineyard. 192096077 Mark Langford Vineyard and Business Manager 192096078 Amenia Barn Inside the barn in Amenia New York, where we juice the grapes in a big crusher and begin the fermentation process in those big white tanks. 192096079 Frontenac Grapes in Amenia 192096080 Brookfield In the middle row at the Brookfield Vineyard 192096081 Brookfield Looking at the Newbury Church from across the Brookfield Vineyard 192096082 Paul DiGrazia Jr. at the Amenia Vineyard 192096083 Amenia in the winter time This is one of our favorite pictures 192096084 Amenia Planting some new grape vines 192096085 PJ and Sarah 192096086 PJ 192096087 New Niagra plants 192096088 Thinking-Amenia 192096089 Amenia in full bloom 192096090